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About LinguaZine

The LinguaZine language magazine is a much needed addition to the conventional, formal learning material used by schools, language academies and/or home schooling tutors. It offers young learners of foreign languages (ages 10-17) the chance to engage with topics that interest students their age. LinguaZine enables these students to get in touch with real, up to date, speech and written text in the language that they are learning. This offers a great chance to upgrade the students’ language learning habits to include informal learning as well. Instead of the usual just “reading the text book- doing the homework- and that’s it” method, our LinguaZine is designed to cultivate the students’ desire to communicate and get them to actively engage with a language and its speakers.

Through our magazine, students get to enjoy interesting articles specifically prepared for their age and language level with the aim of keeping their motivation levels high and giving them the chance to meaningfully benefit from informal learning. This is done through the inclusion of Videos,Pictures, and Games suitable to their language level; these resources are delivered through networks to which they are accustomed to, like YouTube. In this manner, no time is spent on learning new, unfamiliar and irrelevant software in order for students to focus on their language learning right away.  In addition, the easy to access vocabulary lists and online quizzes, assists them to comprehend unknown words and makes sure that the new knowledge acquired is retained.